1. Full co-operation of the parents and guardians is solicited so that their children may get the best out of the school.
  2. They are requested to study the school diary carefully and go through it every day noting the homework set and also any other observations about their wards made by the teachers. This daily parental interest in the children's progress is very important and useful to all.
  3. Parents are welcome to visit the school, but they are requested not to enter the class rooms or speak to the teachers during the class hours, without the permission of the Principal / Vice Principal.
  4. Parents, who seek information or wish to make some complaint, should do so to the Principal I Vice-Principal and not the Class Teacher. Complaints will not be entertained over phone or by any other means.
  5. Parents I Guardians are requested to examine the Achievement Profile of their wards carefully and see that their wards make special efforts to improve the subjects they are weak in.
  6. Parents will appreciate the stand that the children themselves are responsible for their own books, fountain pens, cycles, tiffin boxes or other articles they may bring to school. While every effort is made by the school to reduce the incidence of loss of such articles, the ultimate responsibility rests with the children themselves.
  7. Parents are requested to sign the late attendance record and the absence record in the diary whenever necessary. They are requested to discourage late attendance.
  8. Rules regarding uniforms must be observed strictly with respect to cleanliness and condition throughout the academic year. The rule holds good for shoes and socks also.
  9. Bi-weekly check up of the books by the parents will enable the children to maintain the books and note books in good condition throughout the year. Bringing books to school according to the Time-Table is very important. Covering and labelling books and note books at the beginning of each session must be done.
  10. Std-VI to XII students must attend the special classes and remedial classes without fail, whenever scheduled.
  11. Please remit the fee in time.
  12. Please sign the diary promptly when a warning note or circular is sent to you, to indicate to us that you have seen the same. Any information regarding the child is to be conveyed to the authorities through School Diary.
  13. In exceptional cases, parents may take their wards home during school hours. For this, they must give a written application to the Principal stating clearly the reason for taking their wards out of the school. Permission to go during school hours for marriage, puja, outing etc. will not be entertained.
  14. Parents are urged to take back their wards from the school promptly after the school gets over. The school authorities will not be responsible for the safe custody of the child after school hours.
  15. Children should bring snacks of their own.
  16. The school alone cannot mold the child into a good citizen. The child spends most of his/her time at home. Hence, parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in the process of imparting education to the students and to inculcate in them the values of cleanliness, politeness, punctuality, courtesy, discipline, social and moral values and good manners both at the school and at home.
  17. Parents are requested to watch carefully the child's progress in various tests conducted by the school and if deemed necessary, meet the Principal for clarification and advice. Parents are requested to see that their child abides by the rules of the school. In case of violation, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her (child).
  18. Parents who are applying for Transfer Certificate must send the requisition letter before 15th April of the academic year, failing which they must pay all dues in full for the period during which the pupil's name was on the school register.
  19. Parents are requested to go through the chapter on “Note for the Students” carefully and ensure its strict observance.
  20. Parents are requested to note the visiting hours for meeting the Principal on every working day.